What is the cost of creating an account on SunlightHealth.com?
Nothing. We host and circulate your professional information for free. You get the benefit of reaching 1000s of patients looking for access to high quality and transparent healthcare.

Can individual doctors post packages or offers?
Yes. However, your package rates must include the entire cost of the procedure. Therefore, you must have an agreement with the hospital or clinic where you will perform the procedure. It will be your responsibility that the patient is not charged anything more than the agreed rate.

Can I delete my account?
Your account is within your control. You can deactivate your account at any time, after which it will no longer be visible to users.

Can I edit my account?
Your account is within your control. You can edit as often as you like. In fact, we recommend you keep updating your information as often as possible.

I don't want patients calling me on my private number or emailing me. How can I prevent this?
Your private information such as cell phone number and email is for our records only. Prospective patients will only see the contact information that you choose to show for professional purposes.

Someone has left a negative comment about me. I'd like to address it. Can I do this?
Yes. Write to us if you see a negative comment from a patient. The patient may want to stay anonymous, and we will respect that. But we can forward a message from you to him or her. In addition, our administrator will routinely filter out messages and comments that are inappropriate.

Can I change my default location?
Sunlighthealth.com takes your location automatically.  To enter a different location where you want to search for medical facilities, simply click on "Change" next to your automatically selected location, and enter your new location in the pop-up window that appears.

Can I use Sunlight Health on my cell phone?
Of course. Our site is mobile compatible, which means you'll have access to the complete Sunlight Experience on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the Sunlight Health App is available on AppStore and on Google Play.

Can I save contact information of doctors and medical facilities?
Yes. Once you create an account, you'll have a complete dashboard where you can save information on your doctors and medical facilities, enter feedback and quality ratings, and in future, manage appointments and store your medical records.

Are all the doctors in the Sunlight database verified?
Yes. All our listings are genuine. In fact, the quality of listings improves constantly as users submit their ratings and feedback on doctors and medical facilities. Please do so, as its a valuable service to fellow users.

How does the Quote process work?
Below are the steps for the process of getting transparent and all inclusive pricing for healthcare services:

  • Identify the medical or surgical procedure you've been advised, using our drop down menu

  • Chose your city or cities where you are considering having your procedure

  • Click on Submit. In the next five days, you'll get All Inclusive quotes from high quality providers in your chosen location. Keep checking your Sunrise account.

  • When you're ready to make your choice, use your credit card to pay a portion of the total bill (10%) online. We'll immediately send you a contract ensuring your total cost of treatment.

  • Contact the hospital or doctor (using the contact information on your contract), and make an appointment to suit your convenience. They'll be expecting your call.

Call the Sunlight Helpline if you have any trouble: +91-9958882161.

How do the Medical Packages work?

  • Find the package you would like to purchase

  • Pay the booking amount online using our secure payment gateway

  • Print our your contract ensureing your package rate

  • Contact the hospital or doctor (using the contact information on your contract), and make an appointment to suit your convenience. They'll be expecting your call.

The medical packages seem unbelievably low priced.  How is this possible?
Hospitals and doctors provide very low priced packages for several reasons. The offers are often a way for them to promote their services. In other instances, they may be charging low prices for services in certain times or days that are less busy. The "fine print" you see on the right hand side of your package description usually clearly states the terms and conditions of the package. Don't skip reading this.

Do I have to pay to get quotes for medical procedures?
Absolutely not. Sunlight provides you with quotes for free. When you chose a particular hospital or doctor, you can book the quoted price by paying a small portion of the total cost (2 - 10%) online through our secure payment service. This will guarantee your All Inclusive price for your medical procedure. The balance of the payment will be paid by you directly to the doctor or hospital.

How long will it take for the price quotes to reach me?
All quotes will reach you within 120 hours (five days). Quotes will be emailed to you and will also be in your inbox at Sunlighthealth.com

How long are my price quotes valid?
Quoted prices are valid for a period of 30 days. Within this period, you can book your procedure at the quoted price by paying the booking amount online. Once booked, the quote is valid indefinitely, i.e. it never expires. However, you are advised to plan to undergo your procedure no more than three months after you have paid the booking amount.

What if I don't respond to a quote?
No problem. The quote simply expires after 30 days. You can always request a fresh quote after that.

I need a lot of information before I can decide on a doctor or hospital. How do I get this?
Before you make your choice, you'll be able to review the profile of the doctor that will be performing your procedure. You'll also be able to research the hospital. In addition, other relevant information, such as number of days of stay, type of implant used (if any) will be a part of your quoted price.

Do all the quoting hospitals and doctors get my contact information?
Absolutely not. Your identity and you contact information are kept strictly confidential by Sunlight. After you've booked a procedure by making your online payment, your contact information is passed on to the doctor or hospital.